Choosing the Best BJJ Gi

Choosing the best Bjj Gi
Whether you are a beginner in BJJ or an experienced veteran, a common question asked by both parties is, “Which BJJ GI should I buy?” When purchasing a BJJ GI at a brick and mortar store, online store or at your Gym it’s important to know what you are getting and if its going to be the right BJJ Gi for you. Questions such as “Which BJJ GI brand do you prefer?” and “Which BJJ GI would you recommend for children as opposed to adults?” are commonly asked. Keep in mind one’s personal preferences of comfort and style can be extremely different than someone else’s.  Oftentimes, one can become overwhelmed when deciding which BJJ Gi to select because there are many factors to consider.

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Here are 4 things you should know when choosing the Best BJJ GI for you

1) Cost

Although BJJ Gis appear expensive at first glance, it is important to keep in mind the durability and how the BJJ Gis are made. Since BJJ Gis are traditionally made with the strongest, most durable material, the cost of the uniform will inevitably cost a good amount. In comparison to Karate and Judo Gis, a BJJ Gi is designed to withstand those brutal training sessions and exhausting grip battles.

Also, keep in mind that BJJ Gis can last a while as long as you wash the BJJ Gi properly and have other Gis in rotation.

2) Size/Fit

Without a doubt the most important factor to consider when purchasing a BJJ Gi is the way it fits. Since a BJJ Gi will be used over a long time span, having a Gi that compliments your body size is essential and will aide you significantly on the mat.

In competition, a competitor can be disqualified if their BJJ Gi does not meet the requirements of the federation (SJJIF, IBJJF, etc.). In addition, having a BJJ Gi that doesn’t fit would either hinder your mobility, or give your opponent an advantage by having more slack to hold onto.

BJJ Gi brands vary in sizes, so exploring all options is suggested when searching for the perfect BJJ Gi. When ordering online, remember that all BJJ Gi brands have unique sizing charts, so make sure to check the sizing chart to ensure a proper fit upon ordering.

3) Style

In Jiu Jitsu, the style of a BJJ Gi is popular amongst competitors of all levels. Each BJJ Gi brand offers their own unique style of print, stitching and embroidery. Exploring all alternatives and styles is crucial when selecting the BJJ Gi that best expresses you and your game.

The color of a BJJ Gi also is important to many BJJ athletes. In training, academies are usually lenient when it comes to color scheme. However, the top BJJ federations strictly enforce the use of white, black, and blue BJJ Gis in competition.

4) Fabric 

Upon purchasing a BJJ Gi, remember that most are already pre-shrunk. Confirm with the manufacturer whether BJJ Gi has been pre-shrunk or not in order to receive the proper size.

The weaving and stitching of each BJJ Gi is unique and each has its own individual purpose. For example, a single weaved BJJ Gi would be beneficial when training in warmer weather conditions being that it is lighter in weight. Some competitors prefer a heavier Gi so a gold weave or double weave might be the best option.

If you are looking to buy a BJJ Gi with high quality at an affordable price, Soul Roll Jiu Jitsu has the newest, most durable Gis in the market. When it comes to comfort, Soul Roll Jiu Jitsu makes its BJJ Gis out of 100% cotton which ensures maximum comfort when training. Soul Roll creates its BJJ Gis with cutting edge material and is setting the bar for Jiu Jitsu brands everywhere. For a reasonable cost, Soul Roll Jiu Jitsu will provide a long-lasting, well-tailored BJJ Gi with guaranteed comfort.


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